Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hop, Skip and a Jump Away

The province of Nova Scotia is very unique in size, traveling from point A to B is very simple and efficient for experiencing different things in the duration of one day. Personally, I have found travelling throughout Halifax very convenient, during the summer I can be in the city in the morning and by the afternoon I can travel to the valley and be at the cottage. It is very rare that traffic is ever an issue throughout the city. The city streets can be confusing since there are many one-way streets and difficult intersections. Other than that, major highways are easily accessible from the city and traffic problems are rare.
Traveling from one end of the province to the other would take approximately eight hours, which gives a better understanding of how geographically compact is Nova Scotia. Living in the city is ideal because everything is at your fingertips, and a lot of planning doesn’t need to go into a day trip. To travel to the valley from the city takes two hours by car, and in the other direction two hours can take you to the coast, for example Peggy's Cove or a beach. 
Enjoying a day trip in Nova Scotia is easy and cost efficient. In the summer I can easily wake-up and go to a beach or the cottage and still make it home for dinner.


  1. If only it was like that here. It's not so much the distance that I dislike, it's the unbelievable amount of traffic all the time. That's what sounds so appealing about Nova Scotia: there's never any traffic. You must find living out here very different than living in Halifax.

  2. As a lifelong Ontarian, I'm always intrigued when I read about how one can travel just a short distance in another province and be in a completely different culture. Like you alluded to, you can see the whole province in less than half a day, whereas if you wanted the same experience in Ontario, it'd take the better part of 24 hours. I think a lot of American states are like that too, which is why I also find traveling through them pretty interesting.

    I've done the west coast travel trip in Canada before, but never been further east than Quebec City. Halifax needs to go on the bucket list!